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Pilates combined with Physio expertise

Wanting to get stronger, but mindful of injuries, pelvic floor concerns or perhaps, just wanting a low impact exercise choice, that will still result in strength and postural gains?

Pilates may be just the thing you need!

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Core Strengthening with professional attention

We provide group exercise classes focussing on core strengthening, balance, functional flexibility, body awareness and injury management. These address specific deficits that contribute to your pain/injury and are rehabilitation biased classes compared with generic Pilates exercises.  Exercises are tailored to each individuals capabilities and are designed to encourage self management. Classes include equipment such as exercise balls, resistance circles, resistance band, loop bands, rollers and body weight resistance.


With the musculoskeletal knowledge of a Physiotherapist, Melissa is in prime position to best manage participants specific injury needs and can safely adapt exercises to suit you.


Rehab and Repair offer a number of classes, held in the Auburn Senior Citizens centre. Classes run through the school term with varied length of 8-10 weeks. Individual instruction is provided within the class but classes have a general structure which range from Basic to Advanced. Commitment to attend a full term is required, with classes $22 a session. Before commencing classes a once off Pre-Class clinic assessment is required so Melissa can confidentially discuss your injury and health concerns (which may also include any perceived pelvic floor weakness). While classes can not be claimed under private health insurance, your pre-class assessment and advice obtained within this certainly can!

The 4 evening and 2 morning classes currently offered are very popular, so advanced booking is essential.

Are you a current Pilates participant?

If you have a current paid Pilates pass and need to book your term classes, cancel online booked classes or book a catch up class, please use the link below. 

NB: This is only for participants who have already started the term and have had a pre-screening assessment.

 Casual attendances are not currently accepted.

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